This Blood

Written by: Rita Springer, Paulette Wooten

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Original Key: G

This Blood
Rita Springer and Paulette Wooten
G   C/G   G   C/G   G
{Verse 1}
           G          C/G    G
There is a blood that cost a life
             Dsus   D            G
That paid my way,      death its price

There is a blood that cost a life
That paid my way
Death its price
When it flowed
Down from the cross
My sins were gone
My sins forgot

There is a grave
That tried to hide
This precious blood
That gave me life
In three days
He breathed again
And rose to stand in my defense

So I come to tell you He's alive
To tell you that He dries every tear that falls
So I come to tell you that He saves
To shout and to proclaim that He is coming back for you
This Life this Price this Blood this One

There is a blood
That sights the blind
That heals the sick
The lonely finds
It has the power
To free the bound
As chains fall
Upon the ground

So pour it out
To cleanse my soul
And lets liquid glory flow
Because it lives
To make me whole
I owe my life
I owe my all

Copyright © 2009 Kindred Joy Music & Paully Rock Music

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