Written by: Leslie Jordan

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Every place that you will go
Holds a key to some unknown
But every ground you tread upon
Is the ground that has been walked

Every question you will have
Leads to some uncertain path
But every truth that you will find
Is truth that gives you life

There’s nothing left of my heart
I gave it all away, gave it all away
There’s nothing left of my soul
I gave it all away, gave it all away

Every heart that you will love
Means you trust it with your own
And every time you feel it break
It will be made whole

I have been to the mountain
I have loved with the love I found inside
I have slept with the liar
I have walked from the fire and been refined
I've betrayed my Father
And I have killed my brother and washed my hands
I have lived with the lions and
I have come out whole, I have come out whole
And I have shied in the face of holiness
And I have feared a life of emptiness
I have drank from the water
And still you love me

And I
And I identify
With all of them
And all their sins
You covered them
And still you love me

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