Have you not said (Fill us up)

Written by: Matt Redman

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Original Key: G

Verse 1:
C                       G                   C                   G
Have You not said as we pass through water,You will be with us?
C                      G                  Am7             G
AndYou have said as we walk through fire, we will not be burned.
C                      G
We are not afraid, for You are with us;
Am7                    G
We will testify to the honour ofYour  name.
C               Em7
We are witnesses, You have shown us
Am7                     D
You are the One who can save.
Fill us up and send us out
C                    G
In the power of Your name.
Fill us up and send us out
        C    D       G
In the power of Your name.
Verse 2:
C                          G                 C                       G
Bring them from the west, sons and daughters, call them for Your praise.
C                   G                     Am7          G
Gather from the east, all Your children, coming home again.
C                      G
Bring them from afar, all the nations,
Am7                               G
From the north and south, drawing all the peoples in.
C                      Em7
Corners of the earth, come to see there's
Am7                  D
Only one Saviour and King.

As we pass through water
You will be with us
And You have said
As we walk through fire
We will not be burned
We are not afraid
For You are with us
We will testify
To the honor of Your name
We are witnesses
You have shown us
You are the One who can save

Fill us up and send us out
In the power of Your name
Fill us up and send us out
In the power of Your name

Bring them from the west
Sons and daughters
Call them for Your praise
Gather from the east
All Your children
Coming home again
Bring them from afar
All the nations
From the north and south
Drawing all the peoples in
Corners of the earth
Come to see there's
Only one Savior and King

Matt Redman

Copyright © 1995 Thankyou Music

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