God Says No

Written by: Isaiah-Raymond Dyer

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Keep thinking 'bout you baby
And it's driving me crazy
And I'm reeling from this feeling
All this love devotion
Got me messed up emotions
Feels so good but I know it's wrong
There's a God up above and He has a plan
Do you hear me now do you understand
That it's not about us but what He's thinking of
That will stand the test of time

God says no
I gotta let you go
It's not meant to be
Gotta set you free

I thought I had you baby
Now you're acting crazy
You're leaving me
And you're stressing me
I thought we had a future
Oh I feel abused
Should've known from the very start
Now I'm feeling low
But if you gotta go
I'm not standing in your way
But I will always love you
And I'm thinking of you
I'm broken but I'll pray

I want you to know lady
That if it was up to me
I would stay with you for eternity
But I gotta let you go
Though my heart is aching still
But at the end of the day
It's about the Lord's will

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